Firms need another month to make face masks

Firms need another month to make face masks

Although government has clarified that 19 companies besides Nytil have been engaged to ensure face masks are availed to 35 million Ugandans in two weeks, the firms need 31 days to deliver.

In his televised address to the nation on Monday, President Museveni pegged the major lifting of lockdown, especially public transport, on the availability of “quality” masks to all Ugandans aged six years and above.

The President also said government would work with Nytil to produce the masks.

However, in a meeting between manufacturers and government officials yesterday, Ms Eveline Anite, the Minister of State for Investment and Privatisation, said 19 more companies have since been engaged to expedite the process.

Nytil has a capacity to make 250,000 masks per day. This means they need 140 days to make enough masks for the said population.

Although the government included more companies, a Tuesday report from Uganda Manufacturers Association shows the maximum production capacity of all the 19 companies is 1,120,300 masks per day. The companies would still need at least 31 days to manufacture the masks.

Source: DM

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