‘Money was stolen’ from Liberian ex-leader’s son

‘Money was stolen’ from Liberian ex-leader’s son

Police in Liberia are investigating a complaint by Charles Sirleaf, son of the ex-president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, that a sum of more than $800,000 (£649,000) has gone missing from his accounts at a commercial bank in the capital, Monrovia.

Mr Sirleaf is said to have discovered the disappearance moments after corruption charges were dropped against him last week.

He had been arrested last year when he was serving as deputy governor of Liberia’s Central Bank, accused of involvement in the illegal printing and importation of huge sums of local currency.

Last week the government dropped embezzlement charges against him and four others, saying they had been acting under the instructions of Milton Weeks, the former central bank governor. He remains on trial and denies the charges.

Police spokesman Moses Carter told the BBC that officers had gathered statements from tellers of the bank to investigate Mr Sirleaf’s complaint.

Mr Sirleaf’s lawyer, Johnny Momo, confirmed there was an ongoing investigation by police.

Source: BBC

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