The girl in Beera Nange video bounces back

The girl in Beera Nange video bounces back

In 2008, Allan Toniks’ music career kicked off with the hit song Beera Nange, on which he featured a girl identified as Lilly Ahabwe.

Although Toniks went on to become a ka star of sorts after the song, the same cannot be said of Lilly.

From some of the stories we heard, her parents had stopped her from doing music as they wanted her to concentrate on law school. Within that period, she also got married but like they say, you can run but you cannot hide.

And just like that, music came back calling. Now after 12 years of waiting, Lily is back with a 12-track album that she released this week on Tidal and iTunes.

We do not know if we should consider her an upcoming artiste but what we know is that we always wondred what she would sound like in another song. Welcome back girl!

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