Chameleone, Ragga Dee all good

It is no longer a secret that Jose Chameleone and Ragga Dee are both interested in running for Kampala mayor and from the declarations, talk has been going around that the two are not seeing eye to eye.

What lies! The two were seen together last weekend in Kapeka and we have it on good authority that Ragga Dee invited Chameleone to go with him and other artistes for a meeting with Gen Salim Saleh.

It is claimed that the people who went for that meeting received not less than Shs800m. “I want everyone to be happy. Everyone goes to the bank for different reasons. Some go there to withdraw money, others to bank while others are there to open up an account,” Ragga Dee said, without confirming or denying the money claims.

On the issue of going with Chameleone, the singer said he does not make enemies, especially in a sector he is in.

“Appearing with Chameleone is really not a problem. If a Muslim stands next to a church, it does not mean he has converted.”

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