Museveni accepts ‘Bosco’ name

President Yoweri Museveni has embraced the meme culture, proudly taking on the Bosco brand that social media tagged to him and using it to poke fun at Honourable Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

Referring to the recently concluded elections for special interest groups at village level that were conducted for the disabled, elderly and youth, this is what he had to say;

“Whether Ugandans want Bobi Wine or “Bosco” (I am made to understand that means Museveni), that is a matter that will be settled early next year,” he said on social media.

“However, recently we had semi-finals in the form of elections of the disabled, the elderly, and the youth.”

“Who won the matches in the 3 matches?” he wondered.

“Bosco won without too much preparation, and I am looking forward to the finals.”

“Greetings to your foreign backers who fear a strong Uganda. Too bad for them,” said Museveni.

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