Opposition fights stifling efforts to dislodge Museveni – Mao

Opposition fights stifling efforts to dislodge Museveni – Mao

The Democratic Party (DP) president general, Mr Norbert Mao, has said Opposition squabbles are stifling efforts to dislodge President Museveni from power.

During the party’s press conference in Kampala yesterday, Mao accused some of his colleagues of working to undermine the DP but said they won’t succeed in weakening it.

“Attempting to dismantle DP is a futility. Museveni has failed to dismantle DP, no one else can. We know those who have left remain interested in what we do. But for us, we are concentrating on building the party,” Mao said.

He announced plans to construct party headquarters at Balintuma Road near Nakulabye in Kampala at their recently acquired land that cost the party Shs650m.

Mao also said his party has been at the centre of the country’s politics since 1961 and has accrued vast experience in the national politics.

“Ours is the party to belong to. We are competing with many parties, including in Opposition. We respect them. They have the strength but we will show them how we do things. That is why we are one of the oldest parties in Africa,” Mao said.

He scorned the MPs who recently left the party to join National Unity Platform (NUP) led by Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi.

“The MPs who have not worked have been making noise in Kampala and are now in trouble. DP is a mature party and is supposed to be an example of other parties,” Mr Mao said.
He cited an example of jailed Nakaseke South MP Paul Ssemakula Luttamaguzi, who he said is a rock and has worked for the party’s strength in the district.

“He has a good ground and we shall use it to attack Kyankwanzi and Nakaseke North constituency to beat Syda Bbumba [in polls] who says she will rule people there by any means,” Mao said. Luttamaguzi was arrested last week for allegedly holding a rally which is against Covid-19 guidelines.

He said the real enemy of Uganda is the NRM government, adding that it should be the target for those wanting to change the regime.

Sserunjogi Musoke, the Kampala Central Division mayor, said leaders who left the party to join NUP were weak.

“They fronted individualism instead of our party ideology which in my view is the best. This is the time for whoever wishes DP well to join and you will be recorded as heroes,” Sserunjogi said.

Gerald Siranda, the DP secretary general, said the nomination for parliamentary candidates will end on Monday and the names will be displayed next week on Tuesday.

Warning to NRM

Mao warned that Museveni should not make any “machinations” in the coming elections because people will defend their vote. The DP president described the creation of the constituencies as gerrymandering in favour of the ruling party.

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