Pastor Yiga had insatiable sex urge, fellow pastors say

Pastor Yiga had insatiable sex urge, fellow pastors say

Pastor Jackson Senyonga of Christian Life Church in Bwaise has alleged that Pastor Yiga, now deceased was not a born again Christian. He said this in a presser he called on Tuesday morning, hours after the controversial preacher was pronounced dead.

“From evidence that was publicly known, Pastor Yiga was not a born again Christian. He practiced pretence Christianity and managed to convince many people but he was not a genuine christian,” the pastor said.

He added: “It’s good that towards the end of his life, he got the gift of time to reflect on his life. Maybe during the time he spent feeling unwell he was able to make his way straight. We hope he repented and accepted Christ as his Savior.”

Senyonga was keen to make it clear that he didn’t call the media to criticize a fellow preacher, but rather to call upon the victims of the deceased pastor to approach him for any help they might need.

“He has given several women HIV. Some of them through rape. If there is any woman or child of anyone that has been hurt mentally or physically, or you were rapped, come to Christian Life Church for help. So long as you know that the child you have is Yiga’s, we shall help you. The good thing is that his DNA is on file,” he said.

Pastor Moses Male posted a message on his social media channels accusing the deceased pastor in the same vain, calling him a gambler.

“Pastor Yiga his insatiable sex urge. Good he is dead. Let him hurt more from his grave. He has died without facing earthly justice because as he hurt people, he had state machinery protection. He probably thought himself immortal,” he wrote.

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