Ykee Benda blue-ticks OS

Ykee Benda blue-ticks OS

Remember how hell broke loose when Bobi Wine blue-ticked Eddy Kenzo? Hehe…looks like we might just have history repeating itself between Ykee Benda and OS.

Apparently, the latter came up with a project meant to have a number of artistes on the same track seeking the President’s attention to lift the lockdown on events and bars but the Mpaka Records boss ignored him. When we contacted Ykee Benda on the issue, he did not deny it.

“That is the period that my studio was broken into so I really had a lot on my mind. Besides that, I told them to send me the demo but they didn’t,” explained Ykee Benda.

The song titled ‘Muzeeyi tute tukole’ features OS, Karole Kasita, Mesach Semakula, Moses Matovu, Annet Nandujja, Jamie Culture, Brown Sugar, Felistar and Chris Evans, among others.

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