Use our riders at your own risk – SafeBoda

Use our riders at your own risk – SafeBoda

A drastic announcement by tech-savvy motorcycle transport application-oriented company, SafeBoda, has generated widespread uproar on social media.

On Tuesday, SafeBoda management updated its operating Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) particularly stating: “We will not be liable for any damages, direct incidental, and or consequential, arising out of the use of SafeBoda, including without limitation, damages arising out of communicating and or meeting with other participants of SafeBoda”

“We have no responsibility whatsoever for the actions or conduct of any serviced providers or users. We have no obligation to intervene in any way in disputes that may arise between drivers, riders or third parties,” reads a section of the new T&Cs.

With the new T&Cs biting already and breaking the normal, app users are already barred from proceeding without ‘accepting’ the new terms and conditions.

Reacting to this development, journalist Joseph Sabiti tweeted: “Let’s just remove the word safe and remain with Boda.”

Several other subscribers to the application carried their dismay to social networking platforms (Facebook and Twitter) with hundreds threatening to delete the app for alternatives.

Recent days have also seen SafeBoda clients echo complaints over riders refusing to take who prefer to pay online (directly to the company).

“The guy ended the trip in the middle of that jam-packed road in front of Mega Standard after he discovered I was using Cashless,” Twitter user Faiza Fabz claimed.

“But SafeBoda- the reason I loved you was because of the safety associated…Do you see how this becomes UnsafeBoda?” Lillian Ajiku tweeted. 

A rider preferring anonymity told Daily Monitor that the company had-starting late 2020 ceased remitting to them ‘sufficient’ profits arising from the ‘wallet’ payment option.

SafeBoda customers who are predominantly millennials now accuse the company of veering off the qualities that cemented its uniqueness while also enabling it to thrive amid competition from similar companies.

According to the company’s newly adopted T&Cs policy, there is solely inclination with responsibility now entirely resting upon the user for any consequence arising out of the use of their services.

When contacted, the communications team at the company declined to comment on the issue saying: “It would be a violation of company protocols.”

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