Gravity performed 60 shows for free

Gravity performed 60 shows for free

We have seen artistes sign longterm contracts that bind them to a single record label but what Gravity Omutujju had to endure for a car is unbelievable.

The Lugaflow artiste recently came out and said that he had always loved to drive a Prado TX car and when the opportunity presented itself, he had to perform at 60 shows for free to acquire the car.

“I performed at 60 shows for a promoter called Karim to get this car. I was only getting transport and we had agreed to exchange my Lexus for the TX Prado, top up some money which I didn’t have, so we resorted to performances,” he said.

He, however, admitted that he was conned into accepting this deal but there was nothing to do since he was still young.

He added that he could only get back to that kind of deal only if he’s topping up on an aeroplane.

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