I earned Shs400m in less than two weeks – Bebe Cool

I earned Shs400m in less than two weeks – Bebe Cool

There is money in the music business only when you have the right channels and seize the opportunities when they come.

You will see artistes building mansions in less than two years while others drive the latest cars even when they don’t have university degrees.

Not to make you feel bad, especially in this period, when money is scarce, Bebe Cool said he received over Shs400m in less than two weeks.

Yes you have read right, Shs400m, and all he was required to do was just make an appearance, interact with other artistes and later perform.

“Right before Covid, I got a Guinness night football deal that got me paid Shs400 million. It was even going to be more but the East African activations were cancelled,” he said.

He was defending his decision to go to Gulu along with other artistes, saying money was not the issue for his being in Gulu but to be tutored on how they can earn more from the music business.

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