Super gorgeous Haddy Nana dedicates new hit ‘Hero’ to Grand Mom

Super gorgeous Haddy Nana dedicates new hit ‘Hero’ to Grand Mom

 The best day of your life deserves a befitting hit song and fast rising star Haddy  Nana, in ‘ Hero’  hit song ‘has earned its way into the deejays’ play list catalog for rotation! Yes,it’s said love is the best thing in anyone’s life. Nana has openly showered love to her grandmother. Very few musicians have done this. ‘Hero’, Luganda mixed with lugisu song is a new song off forthcoming songs by Ugandan fast rising singer Haddy Nana. ‘Hero’exudes maturity; a singer singing about herself and the love for her grandma. In the song, she heaps all the praise on the grandmother. The song starts off with an echo of a confession, a vow about love for her grandma. The oath sets the tone of what the song is all about her grandmother. Beautiful sounds of a flute reverberate in the background as a mixture of rich percussive sounds paint a fine contemporary lyrics. Hero is one of the trending songs amongst her songs. Nana wrote the song herself and was produced by Jose PRO. Listen and subscribe to lyrics of Hero song; 

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