I need an investor – Recho Rey

I need an investor – Recho Rey

Up to now, there is no definite role of an artiste manager in the Ugandan music business. Some artiste managers in Uganda are handlers while others are delivery people.

Now rapper Recho Rey has come out and clearly stated the qualities she needs in the person who wants to become her manager.

The Seeka artiste said she has recently been working on her own but is open to anyone interested in becoming her manager.

“I’m open to any offer or partnership as long as they have the money to invest in me because what is most important right now is investment, coz there is a lot to deal with, especially for female artistes,” said Recho Rey.

Rachael Ray’s former manager, Saka, was paying for her video shoots, rent, clothing and meeting her audio fees for the two years they worked together.

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