DP President Mao gets Death threats

DP President Mao gets Death threats

Democratic Party (DP) president general, Norbert Mao has said that his life is in danger following a series of hate mails and death threats from unknown people.

Speaking on NBS Frontline on Thursday evening, Mao said that he is living in fear.

“I receive a lot of hate mail. There are several voice recordings of people threatening to kill me. Yesterday outside my house some unknown people were hanging outside my gate, fortunately, there were soldiers who confronted them and they run away,” Mao said.

Mao added that the other day the Secretary-General wrote to police asking for security for him because it is becoming too much. He, however, noted that he is yet to receive the security.

Mao also refuted claims that he has guards who were deployed by the government to guard him.

The DP president is currently under fire from a section of his party members who accuse him of ruling over a disjointed group.

Among the many issues that Mao is being accused of being; tribalism, corruption and lack of accountability among others.

Speaking on Frontline, Mao said that it is unfair for party members to accuse him of corruption because he is a man of integrity.

“If this is about accountability, I feel insulted if anyone connects me to corruption. I led the Gulu district with integrity and moved it from bottom to the top. I was the chairperson of Amany forum collecting millions of dollars.”

Mao said that the real reasons for accusing him are not being mentioned.

Source: NP

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