Salaries plus allowances for new KCCA leaders revealed

Salaries plus allowances for new KCCA leaders revealed

The salaries for the new political administration at Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) have emerged, justifying why the seats were much coveted during the recently concluded elections. The positions of speaker and deputy speakers of the Authority and divisions were created following the Amendment of the KCCA Act.

During elections held early this month, Independent candidate Abubaker Kawalya was voted new KCCA Speaker, beating FDC’s Doreen Nyanjura who got 14 votes and Muhammed Segirinya with only one vote. Mr. Buruhani Byaruhanga, (Kyambogo University) was declared the deputy speaker after getting 18 votes while his contender Doreen Sabuka garnered 13 votes.

Now it has emerged that the KCCA Speaker will be paid Shs13.8 million per month, which amounts to Shs165.7 million annually. The speaker is also entitled to a monthly allowance of about Shs2.6 million, Shs2.1 million for housing, Shs182,000 for airtime and Shs230,000 for medical care.  He also has a fueled car with bodyguards.

The deputy speaker will earn Shs11 million monthly. The deputy speaker will receive a monthly car allowance of Shs2.5 million, Airtime of Shs144,000 and Shs233,000 for medical allowance. Each of the three executive secretaries at the Authority will also pocket Shs11 million making it about Shs135.5 million annually for each member.

Division Speakers shall earn Shs 9.8 million a month, which makes its Shs 118.1 million annually. This means KCCA will spend Shillings 590.4 million annually on the remuneration of Speakers of the five divisions. Their deputies and the three urban executive secretaries for each of the five divisions shall earn Shs 7.5 million monthly and hence about Shs 90 million annually.

Each of their personal assistants are entitled to a monthly airtime allowance of Shs 20,000 and a medical allowance of about Shs 233,000. The other support staff shall receive Shs10,000 worth of airtime monthly and a monthly medical allowance of Shs233,000

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