About 660 people are contacts of positive coronavirus

About 660 people are contacts of positive coronavirus

The Minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng has revealed that about 660 people were in contact with some of the 45 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Uganda.

“Of the 45; nine were got at the airport, 23 were got in quarantine, and 13 had the opportunity to interact with the locals like those who came from Dubai. There are 660 contacts for follow up but these may not be the only ones. We have to look at the contacts of the contacts,” she said on Friday evening during President Museveni’s address to the nation.

On March 25, 2020, Dr Henry Mwebesa, the Director General of Health Services at the Ministry of Health said that 574 individuals travelled from Dubai in the previous two weeks and were in various places in the country, but following government appeal, only 60 of them have been tracked and screened.

“The ministry is in possession of all the passenger details from the respective airlines. We have so far screened 60 travellers at Mulago specialised hospital. We further direct all persons who travelled from Dubai in the past two weeks to come to Ward 2A at Mulago Specialised Hospital for assessment,” DrMwebesa said on March 25.

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