Museveni: Coronavirus is not a big deal

Museveni: Coronavirus is not a big deal

President Museveni has said coronavirus is not such a big deal and said he is optimistic the country will defeat it.

Uganda has 45 confirmed coronavirus cases but throughout the world, the number has gone past one million.

Speaking to the nation on Friday, Museveni said if people were listening to advice from medics, coronavirus would not be such a big deal.

“We slept in the bush and those who say that this situation is tough just make me laugh. It is not such a big issue but because people don’t listen and taken things for granted. We can defeat it,”Museveni said.

“I am beginning to be hopeful that we can defeat the virus.”

The cases around the world having reached 1,074,290, the US currently has 265,506 cases, Italy 119,827 cases and Spain 117, 710 among the countries with the biggest number of infections.

Today, Spain and the US had over 2000 deaths in one day but according to the president, Ugandans should not get worried over the numbers.

He noted that Europe and other countries are affected partly because of the way they live, adding that advancement could have fueled the problem in those countries.

“I know we can stop it here because our life style is totally different. They are too advanced but it has issues. The train which carries more than 1000 people makes it easily for the virus to spread in those countries. In Italy , they have institutional homes for old people and I heard many of those who die are the abandoned parents. It is totally different here.”

“We can stop this virus because from what I have studied there is no big issue apart from the four points of preventing it including cleaning surfaces, not coughing near people, washing hands regularly with soap, water and sanitizer and not touching the soft parts of the eyes, nose and mouth.”

The president insisted that if these guidelines are adhered to, the virus will be a story of the past.

Source: NP

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