Ugandans react to plan to re-open schools

Ugandans react to plan to re-open schools

Ugandans online have expressed mixed reactions to government’s plan to reopen schools from the end of April.

Education Minister Janet Museveni said primary and secondary schools will reopen on 27 April.

She said the measures put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus would allow the resumption of the school calendar.

Some Ugandans online said it was too early for the minister to plan to reopen schools as coronavirus cases in the country were increasing.

“While we’re not sure whether we’ll extend the lockdown and when COVID-19 will be defeated, isn’t it too early to announce back-to-school days?” tweeted Ernest Kiyonga.

“Unless the curve has flattened and we have some sort of way to combat this disease which I still think can happen. We cannot start making lines in the sand yet. Now we are taking one day at a time,” Sebunya Philip tweeted.

Some expressed optimism that the measures put in place by the government to stop the spread of the virus – including the lockdown – would lead to a reduction in the rate of increase in new infections.

“Mamma thanks a lot for that clarification, actually this has been precious information to all our Ugandan learners,” wrote Ambrose Otim.

“I don’t know how to thank you… this is the best planning and once it’s followed, students will be able to recover the lost time,” Osbert Sandro wrote.

Source : BBC

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