Alikiba defends radio presenter who exposed their secret affair of 10 years

Alikiba defends radio presenter who exposed their secret affair of 10 years

Tanzanian singer Alikiba has asked the public to stop blaming popular radio presenter Diva the Bawse for the departure of two artistes from his record label Kings’ Music.

Alikiba’s latest sentiments come in the midst of accusations and counter-accusations between him and Diva who recently exposed their secret love affair that has since fizzled out.


The artiste, however, maintains that there was never such a relationship between him and the radio presenter.

“You know how much Diva loves to swear by people, but everyone also makes her feel comfortable and she made me feel so comfortable except in terms of love I’ve never had. Although she had always been my closest friend. Diva is a very nice person and I ask people to let go of those rumours and things that have happened. People should stop criticizing her for what happened,” Alikiba pleaded.

The whole saga started last month, when two artistes, Killy and Cheed, walked out of Alikiba’s record label and joined Harmonize’s new label Konde Gang. The two artistes asked to leave the label and Alikiba was kind enough to release them.

Word then started going round that it was Diva who had mastermind the exit of the two up and coming musicians.

These claims didn’t go down well with Diva, who, in her defence, decided to spill the beans on her secret love affair with Alikiba.

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