Bobrisky reacts to trending photos of him in male clothes without makeup.

Bobrisky reacts to trending photos of him in male clothes without makeup.

Popular Nigerian cross dresser Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky, recently got people buzzing on social media more than usual. The cross dresser abandoned his lavish feminine clothes for male ones as he attended his father’s birthday party. This left a lot of Nigerians shaken to their cores and making all sorts of comments after photos and videos from the occasion made rounds on social media.

In the photos, Bobrisky was seen without his usual heavy makeup and was dressed a black “jalabiya” with a green and red fez cap. This came as a shock to many Nigerians as the had become used to the female Bobrisky. No one knew that Bobrisky actually had dimples under all those numerous layers of makeup.

Bobrisky reacted by saying he knows how to make the internet shake and he is beautiful in person. The young man shared a video on Instagram of himself in all his feminine glory and revealed in the caption that he knows how to get people talking. He bragged, “One thing you can never take away from me is TREND. I trend back to back. I know what to do to make internet shake. Give it to me I know how to make internet talk about me. Una never see anything…. I go trend till I die.”

In another post, Bobrisky said that he is very good looking in person and that it’s not easy for a man to buy a house in Lekki area of Lagos. The crossdresser also said that the husbands and boyfriends of a lot of his critics are in his DM begging to have him but since he has a kind heart he won’t kiss and tell.

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