Socialite dumps gift car over the tracking device

A few years back, city events manager Bobkins Kibirige acquired a sleek kawundo car for his wife Farha Adams. He went ahead and installed a tracking device in the same car incase it was stolen. 

Sources in Kisaasi where Bobkins purchased the tracking device revealed that Farha attacked the tracking company and ordered them to uninstall the device after she finally found out if it’s existence. She left the car with them and ordered them to call her when they are done removing the device. 

A close source revealed that Farha has always been surprised by her man bumping into her at places she never expects him to know. The most recent scenario was when she was having fun with her girlfriends after a lockdown in Kiwatule only for Bobkins to bump into her which did not go well with her. She was so pissed after discovering that it was a tracking device that was messing up her happiness.

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