Am yet to find better bonkmate than Pastor Yiga – Nabbi Omukazi

Am yet to find better bonkmate than Pastor Yiga – Nabbi Omukazi

Pastor Yiga’s death might has made some of his haters happy, but many others are mourning him.

Nabbi Omukazi, who is known to be Yiga’s former choir member and ex bonkmate is the latest person to eulogize him as her best boyfriend ever.

She thanks the deceased for the best 8 years of her life as she feasted off his anaconda’s sweetness coupled with unmatched bedroom skills and admits since they broke up she has never found any other skilled guy like Yiga who can bonk that good.

Nabbi Omukazi real name Maggie Kayima said: “He has been a good man.We fell out but I forgave him wholeheartedly. Even before his death, we met and I asked him to accept me back. The 8 years I spent with himare still the best in my lifetime. He loved and protected me like a real Nabbi and truthfully I have never found a man like him again.”

Nabbi Omukazi and Pastor Yiga fell out after she accused him of cheatingand bonking most of the waterlogged babes in his church.

The Pastor’s ABS TV later exposed her having what looked like foreplaywith a witch doctor in a shrine.

The pastor threatened to release her sex tape if she continued with her madness. 

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