I am not heartbroken but just emotional – Angella Katatumba

I am not heartbroken but just emotional – Angella Katatumba

It is possible that Angella Katatumba is only trying to steal her moment from a situation, but it is also possible that her heart bleeds for a love lost in Daddy Andre. Which of the two could it be?

As soon as news circulated that former bonkmate Daddy Andre had dumped her for new blood Nina Roz, Angella Katatumba immediately recorded and released a song titled; Emotional.

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre

“Emotional was recorded right after Andre and I broke up. It was written by the Uga Boys, who are also artistes signed under Black Market Records. They were following events and my situation inspired them to write the song for me. It was based on a true story because I was truly emotional when Andre and I parted ways,” she revealed.

Angella admitted that Daddy Andre was doing a lot for her and they had moved into an apartment together.

“He treated me like a princess, and we had that collabo, Tonelabira. The break up was a difficult situation for me. We had dated for about three months, but truthfully, Andre was so disappointed with me because he invested so much and had introduced me to his family in Busia,”she said.

Angella also revealed that the cause of their breakup with Daddy Andre was simply because the latter refused to have the HIV test.

“We did not separate because of violence but a principle of health. As of now, we are not on speaking terms and he cannot even step on stage when I am performing “Tonelabira”.

“To be honest, it is a double click for me. I am not heartbroken because we had separated a long time ago, but the news of Nina Roz and Andre’s introduction got me emotional, she said.

“We are like strangers but I appreciate him for treating me like every woman desires, introducing me publicly to everyone, writing me a monster hit,” Ms Angella added.

She said she is currently dating someone and she is happy.

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