Robin Kisti likely to return to NTV

Robin Kisti likely to return to NTV

Robinah Nambooze, whom many of you will recognise as Robin Kisti, was one of the biggest TV personalities back in the day until she left to start a family and settle in the US.

Last year, however, Kisti returned home, only to make headlines when she was involved in a war of words with Sheilah Gashumba.

Well, Kisti’s battle to defend NTV from Gashumba’s allegations, may pay off after all because the latest we have is that the 34-year-old is returning to the Serena-based TV station.

Apparently, Robin Kisti has been doing a programme on social media where she sits with celebrities to discuss a number of issues but she wants more.

When we bumped into Kisti recently, she was shooting with an NTV crew. However, when we contacted our source at NTV for any hints, they said Robin Kisti had pitched a relationship programme titled ‘Better Loving’ but it was rejected. Well, let’s see how this will pan out.

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