I set the pace in Northern UG- Music queen Lala

I set the pace in Northern UG- Music queen Lala

Despite Covid 19 pandemic, there is not any other musician in Northern Uganda that has put much work into music than Lala Consias. Her latest song tells it all. She is a super hardworking young girl that has managed to set the pace in the Northern Uganda music fraternity. We tracked her down and shared her music success story.

Who is Lala Consias?

Lala is simply a very God-fearing person. I use the stage name Lala simply because I find it easier to pronounce and use on stage but my real names are Auma Rita. Northern Uganda finest!

Where did your musical journey start?

It is a long interesting story. But to cut it short, I felt I would bring something new to the Uganda music industry. I have a different way of using my words to create music. I wouldn’t have left Uganda to miss that. I have done music ever since Childhood.

Is Music your full-time job? What did you study or doing apart from music?

Like I said above, music is simply part of me. I do it as my full-time job. Yes, I have other side business I do but I make music first. Remember I am also a traditional dancer.

Growing up as a young girl what sort of character were you?

I grew up as a humble and loving girl. Many people knew me as humble. That was my character.

Lets talk about your new song, What is the song all about? Who wrote it and recorded it?

Well, Amoko Tama is my lastest hit. I am happy it is doing well across Uganda. The message behind simply means that I have made up my mind. It is a love song. It was written by Lubisky Levo and recorded by Samie Touch of Ruba Studio.

Before this song, what other songs have you recorded?

I had recorded Amary, Attention, and Kwiji kwiji cover song.

You’ve a soothing voice,do you use it to get what you want in life?

Hahaha. Thanks for the compliment. Well, I use my voice to produce music that changes people’s lives. My Voice is to inspire young people. I don’t think there is a reward for my voice. It is just priceless.

Now that you’ve broken through to the top level, what is your music plan?

Already I set the pace in Nothern Uganda musically. I am the queen of Nothern Ug music. I want to maintain that until I am on the top of Uganda music Industry. Then I also have plans of sporting Upcoming great talents and help them develop their career.

Lets talk about the challenges faced so far?

There are so many challenges. Right now Iam not getting anything from the music I create. I only put in. Also the cost of promotion is too high in the music industry.

You’re a young and sexy girl, how do you handle men always in your box?

I handle them professionally. All are my good fans and I need them.

Have you ever dated a man for money?

No. I am not that type. I am a very hard working lady.

Who injects money in you?

I have a big management led by Ruba of Ruba Studios. He handles everything about me. He is a great manager

Your next five year plans?

I see my self progressing to bigger places. I want to start up an orphanage to help out people. I will use my music to reach many people in need.

All my fans check out all social media pages and follow me. Also here is the link to my tallest song. Enjoy; 

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