Patriko Mujuuka admits being dazzled by sexy Nwagi

Patriko Mujuuka admits being dazzled by sexy Nwagi

Events emcee, radio presenter and actor Patriko Mujuuka is a happily married man with children. That, however, has not stopped him from admiring God’s creation.

While hosting the UG Connect concert at the weekend, he admitted how he feels about Winnie Nwagi, saying he wouldn’t care if his wife left their marital home so long as Nwagi is there to replace her.

“I’m a married man but there are women you look at on the streets and wish your wife at home goes,” he said.

The CBS radio presenter said this as he was introducing Winnie Nwagi to perform. The self-proclaimed fire baby did not let the MC’s words go to waste and used them to her stage advantage, rub-dubbing him right in front of the cameras.

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